Non-Ammonia hair color is not a fad, it is not a passing trend that will be replaced by the “Next Big Thing.”  Most name brand/household names in the beauty business either have, or are in the process of developing a non-ammonia line.  Simple dollars and cents tells us that they are not investing millions in a technology that isn’t here to stay.  The question is, why?  Why is now the perfect time for this to be happening?  The answer is that salon professionals and consumers have done the research, and are demanding higher quality, more natural, and non-toxic products.

Ammonia is one of the worst offenders found in the beauty business.  Ammonia is put into hair color in order to bust through the hair cuticle to deposit color. A consequence of this action is damage to the hair cuticle that ultimately degrades the hair’s structural integrity. The result overtime is dry, brittle, unhealthy looking hair.  No one wants to pay good money for a service that, in the end, leaves your hair in worst shape than when you started.  Another consideration is the negative health effects that you, and your hair designer, are exposing yourself to during the application and processing of ammoniated color. According to the Department of Health and Human Services:

Effects of Ammonia include irritation to the:

  • Nose
  • Throat
  • Respiratory System
  • Eyes
  • Skin (In higher concentrations, ammonia can cause burns to the skin)

With the current technology available, there is no reason that you and your salon professional have to expose yourself to these harmful health effects.  That is why Avant Gard the Salon and Avant Gard the School have chosen to exclusively use the 100% Ammonia Free, Organic Color Systems Hair Color. They use only the highest quality certified organic ingredients in their production, while maintaining a full spectrum of vibrant colors to choose from. Our salon and school can offer unparalleled grey coverage with this line as well.  Your well being is our number 1 priority.  This complete line offers safety and performance, and we believe you should expect nothing less.  Our salon and cosmetology school offer a tiered pricing structure that caters to a wide variety of budgets.  Consultations are always free, contact the salon or school today!  Salon @ 317-272-7660 and School @ 317-272-1212.  Find us on Facebook and Twitter @ AvantGardAvon, as well as






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