“From the first day that I toured Avant Gard The School, I knew it was where I needed to be. I was 24 at the time and changing my career path & I didn’t want to feel just like a number to which ever school I attended. Being family owned was a big selling point. The fact that the owners are RIGHT there, accessible, teaching & cheering you on made it that much better. The instructors are top notch, friendly and constantly pushing their students to do their best work. I always felt like I could talk to them about anything that was happening in my life, and they would be there to listen. The education I received was top of the line and worth every single penny that I spent (although, after looking at what other schools were charging – AGTS is a fantastic deal). We were taught all of the newest trends, while also building on the “basics”. Being a cosmetologist also means that you are an artist, and at AGTS, they really encouraged our creativity. After graduating from AGTS, I moved to Chicago. I am now working as a very busy hairstylist at a 4 diamond hotel in downtown Chicago, a salon on the prestigious Oak Street. I also work as a freelance hairstylist for a variety of events, films, photo shoots & weddings. My career has done nothing but flourished and grown. I attribute all of this to the education that I received at AGTS. If you are a perspective cosmetology student, I highly recommend AGTS. I wasn’t disappointed & you won’t be either.”
-Savannah T.-
“Attending Avant Gard the School gave me so many more opportunities than if I would have attended another cosmetology school. I was able to work behind the scenes on several hair shows, and attend extra educational classes that gave me a head start in my career. Another thing I loved is that I was able to apply my creativity in every aspect. While other schools teach techniques only by the book, I was able to learn all the book techniques and many more. I could always try new things on my mannequins and clients and the teachers were open and skilled enough to properly critique it. The passion that the owners and instructors had for the industry made me always want to push harder and be the best I can be. The school has a good clientele, so I was able to work on building a loyal clientele to set me up for success after I graduated. “
-Jen P.-

“Avant Gard the School not only taught me the skills needed, but also fueled my passion for the hair industry.  I was so intrigued by the owners (Shaun and Josef Settle), that I decided to be a part of their team.  The best decision, by far, for my career!”

-Lisa H.-

“Avant Gard the School is one of the most creative and unique schools out there.  Having a well-known salon running next door is a one of a kind experience.  You get the best instructors out there and a first-hand look at a great salon.  Avant Gard the School definitely gave me an edge in the hair industry.”


“It was such a privilege to attend Avant Gard the School!  The instructors and classes were very hands on, and a lot that was taught was more advanced than you would find in other cosmetology schools.  You definitely get the best education offered.  Josef and Shaun’s professionalism and techniques made a huge difference in my career, and the way I present myself.  I am very happy I chose to start my career in cosmetology alongside Avant Gard the School!”


“Attending Avant Gard The School presented me with several experiences and opportunities. Because the owners and staff were so involved with the student body, I was able to experience so much of the “real life experience” of being in the cosmetology industry in so many ways before I even graduated.  Several opportunities were presented to me as a student while at Avant Gard The School. Because of these opportunities, I feel like I was able to already build who I was going to be as a professional in the cosmetology industry months before graduating from the cosmetology program.”

-Taylor D.-

“My education from Avant Gard the School was one of the greatest experiences.  I had opportunities that led me to the trendiest cut and color techniques, attending hair shows, ability to see classes from top stylists, and found relationships with creative people that remain close to my heart still today.  I loved my experience and have no regrets.”

-Lisa M.-

“If you are really interested the Hair Industry and want to learn techniques to make you a step above the rest; I would highly recommend Avant Gard the School. I feel that my education from my instructors set me up for nothing but success! My skills were pushed further than just the basics and the color knowledge I received from the school definitely shaped my career. I do not believe I would have such an amazing clientele if I had not chosen Avant Gard the School for my education.”


“I attended Avant Gard the school 3 years ago and absolutely loved it. When I started there, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into but after just a few short weeks of being there I didn’t want to leave. The instructors provided the best teaching and help and time with all of us. The school offered a lot of opportunities such as travel, extra classes for extended education, and the instructors gave me extra help studying for my tests. I was able to travel as a student to Chicago for a hair show and learned a lot from that as well. Overall, my experience at the school was amazing. I wouldn’t trade my experience there for anything.”


“I am a graduate of Avant Gard the School 2014. During my time there I experienced Indiana’s finest education in cosmetology. The hands on education & creative minds of the teachers and owners has made my transition from a student into a confident creative coloring cosmetologist, a smooth & easy road into the world of hairstylists. I would do it all over again if I had to choose.”


“As a student, I was able to get a feel for everything the industry offered. I learned all of the basic skills necessary to be a great stylist, as well as many of the more advanced skills that you can only receive from accomplished stylists and educators. Not only that, but the staff emphasized the personal skills in order to be a great, friendly stylist as well as a highly respected professional in the industry.  The owners truly emphasize the importance of professionalism in the beauty industry.”

-Taylor P.-